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Why You Should Spring for Orthodontic Treatments

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Are you ready to align your smile? If so, we can help you! Orthodontic treatments are available to many who need it in order to achieve ideal oral health and alignment. Having aligned teeth can help you in many ways, which is why it’s ideal to strive for having ideal oral health alignment.

Our orthodontist , Dr. Matthew Epperson, is happy to help you with your alignment needs. Furthermore, our team at Epperson Orthodontics in Springfield, Oregon, is delighted to share with you reasons on why you should spring for orthodontic treatment.

The reasons include:

– Lowers risk of damage to your teeth: Having aligned teeth can help your teeth avoid being chipped, cracked or damaged from other teeth or accidents.
– Oral health development: In your teeth’s ideal alignment, your teeth, jaw, and gums are healthier.
– Improve your self-esteem: Straight teeth in proper alignment appear beautiful, boosting your self-confidence.
– Lowers risk of TMJ conditions: Orthodontics can lower your chances of developing a temporomandibular joint disorder, which can be painful.
– Lowers risk of cavities: With aligned teeth, it is easier to brush and floss them, reducing your risk of cavities.

If you are ready to spring in for a treatment, then call us today at 541-852-2552 to schedule an appointment. Our team stands ready to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to orthodontic treatments.