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Our orthodontist and team at Epperson Orthodontics understand that there is an uncomfortable, annoying, and invasive feel to orthodontic headgear. Prolonged treatment time and dental discomfort caused by possibly wearing the appliance incorrectly also makes the use of headgear less desirable. For these reasons, we are proud to offer the Carriere® Motion™ Appliance to those who may need more intensive orthodontic care. This smooth, comfortable, and effective appliance is proven to shorten treatment time for those whose dental needs are labeled as Class 2.

If your bottom teeth are located closer to the back of your mouth (posterior) than your top teeth, this can cause a major malocclusion. This is also known as an open bite or overbite. To provide the necessary treatment and growth redirection, Dr. Matthew Epperson may recommend the Carriere Motion Appliance in Springfield and Eugene, Oregon. It can be applied in minutes with dental bonding and looks and feel more discreet than ever possible with headgear. It is placed before orthodontic care begins and ensures that your smile requires less orthodontic treatment and that your braces or clear aligners provide true facial harmony.

Contact our office at 541-852-2552 to arrange a consultation and learn more about the revolutionary effects of the Carriere Motion Appliance.

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