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Braces & Dental Hygiene

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Good dental hygiene is imperative during orthodontic treatment. Dental hygiene during orthodontic treatment can prevent issues like cavities under the brackets and discoloration. To ensure that you or your child are cleaning your braces and teeth properly, Dr. Matthew Epperson and our team are happy to over instruction and advice.

You or your child should rinse your mouth three to four times a day to loosen any food that might be caught in the braces. After rinsing, brush the teeth and braces thoroughly. Food can easily become lodged in braces, so it is important to brush regularly.

We stress the importance of flossing at least once every day. If your child is wearing braces, you may want to help him or her floss. Flossing helps to keep the gums healthy by loosening and removing food particles and plaque at and under the gumline, and between the teeth.

Regular dental cleanings and exams should be scheduled at least every six months. In addition to cleaning the braces and teeth, your regular dentist can point out areas that you or your child tend to miss in your dental hygiene routine. Your regular dentist can also suggest helpful tools to make dental hygiene while wearing braces easier and more comfortable.

Even when you or your child are on the go, make sure proper dental hygiene is being practiced. You or your child should carry a toothbrush and toothpaste when you go to work or school to rinse and brush after lunch. When on vacation, make sure to practice efficient dental hygiene on the road.

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