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Traditional Braces Can Correct an Underbite

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As your child’s mouth develops their permanent teeth gradually replace their primary teeth. Sometimes genetics, jaw structure and other factors can cause the lower front teeth to protrude at an unhealthy angle. Left unaddressed a pronounced underbite can leave them with inefficient oral function and a hampered sense of self-confidence.


In a situation like this you should consider scheduling a consultation appointment with orthodontist like Dr. Matthew Epperson. Oftentimes traditional braces can help correct the underbite and prevent further complications.  


Once the orthodontic components have been installed in your child’s mouth, you will need to periodontally bring them back to Epperson Orthodontics routine adjustment sessions. These appointments are designed to apply progressive tension to the braces components.


Over time it will bring their teeth into an improved position. The total number of adjustments required will vary based on the severity of their malocclusion.


At that point, the orthodontic components can be uninstalled, and your child will be provided with a retainer. With regular use the oral appliance will help hold their teeth in the new position while any tension in the dental sockets dissipates. If necessary Dr. Matthew Epperson might also cement a fixed retainer behind the teeth for added support.


If you live in the Springfield, Oregon, area and your child has a pronounced underbite, you should call 541-852-2552 to set up a braces consultation at Epperson Orthodontics.